Instructions for Assembly


Thank you for choosing our product. Our Transmitter Tray has been designed to provide years of reliable service. The tray comes with assorted foam strips to allow a custom fit for all radio sizes.

Instructions for assembly:

Figure 1 - Lock the tray in place by tightening the 5/32” hex pivot lock.

Figure 2 - If you are using the optional ‘Radio mounting kit’, remove the 8 short bolts from the back of the tray and replace with the longer bolts and risers. This will lift the radio mounting area above the back braces and create a pocket for the transmitter center bulge.
Figure 3 - Use the supplied foam strips and Velcro to create a platform for the radio. Thoroughly clean the areas where you will be placing the foam and Velcro strips. Mount the “Hook” side of the Velcro strips to the tray and the corresponding “Loop” side of the Velcro strips to the radio.  
Figure 4 - Attach the u-shaped shoulder hooks using the four (4) screws supplied and adjust the arm length for a comfortable radio position. This is normally a little above waist height.  
Figure 5 - The side wrist rests are pre-assembled at maximum height. To reduce the height of the wrist rests, remove the bolts supporting the wrist rests. Replace the long bolts with the short bolts and re-assemble using only one of the two spacers. The wrist rests may also be totally removed for better access to switches on the side of the radio.